Our Dearly Beloveds


Guess who’s back, back again (cue Eminem song) and this time we’re here to stay.
We launched this business in 2014 and yes we’ve had our ups and downs (you know the story), but much like our love for our South African products, our love for this brand and our customers never waived nor waned.
We have now launched a different business model whereby you order regular items from our website, but we also give you a chance to enjoy more things from home by telling us what you want and we will bring it over for you! As long as we can approve your items at the Dubai Municipality and they are registered in our system, we will get them. Please email info@beloved.ae with your order requirements.
We also know how hard it is to start a proper business so we also want to give you the chance to sell with us! Read more in the “Become a Beloved Seller” section.
Now is your chance to support us once again as your honest, freshest, customer-service focused, FAVOURITE SOUTH AFRICAN STORE!